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Red 1 Realty Testimonials

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Red 1 offers more than the low cap.

There’s so much support not only from the brokers and managers but also from fellow agents. Imagine having a short wait to receive feedback, brainstorming, ideas, and suggestions! Also so many doors open up here that I haven’t experienced elsewhere. Continuous relevant classes that help you grow or even transition into other niches. Camaraderie and close relationships, Red 1 is unmatched. I know, I’ve been to other brokerages.

Aaronah N.

Great commission split setup and lots of helpful staff members.

The brokers and admins are all very quick to respond to emails and texts! Red 1 provides so many free helpful resources. Wouldn’t want to be a part of any other family!

Grant K.

As a newer agent, I knew I wanted the training and support offered by Ken, Mike, and Heather.

The support continues to exceed my expectations! Launching a new career can be overwhelming at times but with the support of the local management team I feel confident in my new role. Red 1 Realty delivers on its promises!

Traci K.

RED 1 Realty has been a game changer for me.

Coming from a Big Box broker, everything is just easier. Support is just a phone call, email or text away with a very quick response. The commission split was what attracted me to Red 1, but all the additional training and resources was just icing on the cake!

Randy A.

As a new realtor & AMP member, I am overwhelmingly pleased by the genuine interest & incredible support I have experienced through RED 1 Realty.

Specifically, the AMP team. My decision to launch into real estate during a time of transitioning throughout multiple areas of life presented a very daunting picture to say the least. However, my initial introduction to Ken of Red 1 through Hondros College and our continued interactions provided much needed reassurance in my decision, which has been reaffirmed by joining Mark in the AMP team of chAMPions. I have come to realize the RED 1 atmosphere I encountered is an environment which has been intentionally created, consisting of caring leadership, who truly have an interest in developing the success of others. I believe I am surrounded by many respected patriarchs in this industry. I couldn’t be more grateful for each of you and the RED 1 quality of leaders.

Carla K.

The training classes are enjoyable and the brokers make the concepts easy to implement.

Mike & Ken continue to be very approachable while offering many classes to ensure I take my business to the next level. I would make the same decision to join this brokerage 100 times over. If you want to join a brokerage that is run by a group of people that really care and want everyone to succeed....join Red 1 Realty!

Bruce E.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for allowing me to be part of such an amazing team first and foremost, but also for the AMP program and team!

I am a newer agent and like the rest of the world, super busy and working full time. I didn't have a ton of time to figure out the ins and outs of transactions and becoming active in real estate, but the Marks and AMP have helped make it super easy by providing an invaluable resource for a quick call anytime to get fast and accurate information. Thank you again so much for the opportunity to be a part of an amazing brokerage that I'm super proud of, and also a part of such a great program like AMP!

Miranda P.

After a lot of research, thought and contemplating, I decided Red 1 Realty was the best place for me.

I’m a full time agent (of 7 years when I came to Red 1 as a solo agent) and I have been with them a little over a year. I can 100% say that the tech, broker response, training, charity events, and agent events are on point. I’m a full time agent and have been very happy with my decision with where I decided to lay my hat :)

Rene L.

The brokers, managers and admins are so helpful and very accessible.

The training and access to information is amazing. They really care and want to help agents be productive and efficient.

Christine E.

The is the first brokerage I have worked with and will be my last.

Just outstanding service from Mike and Ken and the admin team. Always there to answer questions or to provide insight. I like how they stay current with technology and the changing market in training & support. Mike was very supportive when I launched my first team.

Holly D.

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